What to Expect From An Orthopedic Surgeon

It is very important to care for your incisions and to do all you can to recover after orthopedic surgery in Hackensack. Ignoring the information from your orthopedic surgeon can result in you becoming very ill. It can also result in you having limited mobility. Do your part and be well prepared by knowing what to expect by speaking with an NJ orthopedic surgeon. This allows you to plan for any changes to your routine. Make sure you ask questions you may have too.


Hopefully, the procedure was one they could complete with just some small incisions. These tend to heal faster and there is less of a risk of any type of infection. However, you do need to pay attention to those risk factors. Keeping the area dry and clean will reduce the risk of infection. Avoid using tobacco products as they can slow down the healing. You can ask additional questions and concerns about an active lifestyle by speaking directly to your sports medicine doctor in Lodi New Jersey.

If the joint replacement surgery is an option and if after the incisions turns red around or they feel hot, they smell bad, or there is any type of fluid coming out of them, you may have an infection. Don’t put off seeking immediate medical attention and calling your orthopedic surgeon in Ridgewood. The use of antibiotics will often clear up the issue fast, but the longer you allow it to continue without treatment the worse it is going to get. A fever, blurred vision, and vomiting can also be signs of an infection so pay attention to them.

Physical Therapy Is Recommended After Joint Replacements

Getting the part of your body that was treated stronger again is important. Physical therapy is going to help you to target those regions after orthopedic hand and foot surgery. It is also going to help you improve your range of motion in those areas. You may be asked to start physical therapy within the week of your surgical procedure. It may be a challenge, but it shouldn’t cause you pain. The physical therapist is going to show you the right way to do the exercises.

Make sure you show up on time for all appointments. Don’t skip sessions or show up late. Give it all you have during each of them so you can work towards your recovery. Don’t limit your recovery by only taking part in them during those sessions. You need to be performing those exercises at home each day too between your sessions. Especially if you play sports, talk to your orthopedic surgeon and therapist about the quickest way for recovery.

Follow Up Appointments

Locating an orthopedic doctor near me is important for making all upcoming appointments for a speedy recovery. The amount of time that will pass after the surgery and when your orthopedic doctor in Rutherford would like to see you is important. Make sure you keep all follow up appointments! They will review your incisions, ask you how you are feeling, and find out how physical therapy is going. Based on your progress, they can tell you when you need to come in again. As you make improvements, they may release you to do more.

Don’t rush back to work or back to taking on challenging physical tasks. Giving your body the time it needs to heal after any orthopedic surgery reduces the chances of you suffering similar problems again down the road. You don’t want the surgery to be a waste of time or money. It is an investment in your well-being.