Using a Tinted Sunscreen Can Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Apply a Natural Sunscreen Daily for Better Skin

There are many types of skin cancer, and they can affect both men and women from all walks of life. Often, a common underlying factor was the amount of UV exposure they had during their life. Those with fair skin are far more vulnerable, but that doesn’t mean those with darker skin aren’t going to get skin cancer.

Reducing the risk of skin cancer starts with getting into the habit of using quality and healthy sunscreen daily. Too often, people only use them when they plan to spend lots of time in the sun. yet being outdoors when you go for a walk, as you mow the grass, or when you go about your daily routine all adds up to exposure to UV rays when your skin isn’t protected. Applying a tinted sunscreen has grown popular among women.

Look and Feel of a Makeup Primer

A common reason people don’t use a tinted sunscreen daily is they don’t like the look or feel of them. The good news though is there are many natural sunscreens out there to pick from. Some are a cream and others are a silky foam. Some of them can be sprayed on and others can be rubbed into the skin. If you have dry skin, get one that has a tinted moisturizer in it. The goal is to find a product you like and the feel of so you are going to be encouraged to use it.

SPF 40 Sunscreen and Different Levels

Get into the habit of reading the labels too. The best sun cream with an SPF level of 15 isn’t going to offer you the same level of protection as one that is an SPF 50. If you have fair skin or you are exposed to UV rays often, you need to opt for the higher coverage. This is going to make a significant difference when it comes to lowering your risk of skin cancer.

Compare tinted sunscreens too because there can be a difference among them regarding the ingredients they contain. Become well informed about the essential ingredients like zinc oxide sunscreens that should be in your sun cream and those you can do without. It may surprise you to learn some lotions have chemicals in them you want to avoid.

Cover Up and Protect with Healthy Sunscreen

You don’t want to rely on a cosmetic sunscreen alone though to reduce your risk of skin cancer. It is important to wear clothing that allows you to cover up. A wide brimmed hat can help your face get less exposure from the sun. Wearing thin clothing but long sleeves and pants rather than shorts covers up more. The less skin you have exposed to the sunlight, the lower your risk of skin cancer will be.

Change your Habits

It is never too late to use the information you have now to make positive changes for your future. If you haven’t used a natural sunscreen as you should, it is a good idea to get a skin cancer screening completed by your doctor. At the same time, you need to make a commitment to applying sunscreen to your exposed skin areas daily. Make it a habit and you will lower that risk for the rest of your life!